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Precision Machining Provides Career Opportunities

Across the field of manufacturing, nearly everyone agrees that there is a significant need for members of younger generations to join the manufacturing workforce. The vast majority of people in manufacturing jobs are either nearing retirement or are about to retire, taking their skills and knowledge with them. The manufacturing landscape has also changed dramatically over the past few decades, with an increased need for technology, data science, and engineering skills as manufacturing techniques advance.

With these significant changes in manufacturing, there is much more need for younger generations to enter the manufacturing sector. High-tech career opportunities now available in precision machining are an evolving area of interest. There are over 30,000 machining companies nationwide, with upwards of an anticipated 2,000,000 unfilled positions providing plentiful career opportunities in the field.

Advanced computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines make each workstation akin to one’s own office space. Those interested in computers, gaming, and robotics can and will find satisfying careers by applying those skills to manufacturing value-added components through precision machining technology. Today’s youths are encouraged to explore these opportunities that combine skills and interests related to science, math, and technology with a desire to produce USA-made products that keep the country moving.

Supporting Manufacturing Jobs in Britton, SD

Rapid Precision Manufacturing, Inc. is a small, family-owned, and operated precision machine shop in Britton, SD, a beautiful region with many outdoor activities and hobby opportunities. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that supports our community by providing employment opportunities. As a family-owned business, we consider our team part of our family, and we equip them with everything they need to succeed.

Currently, we have several manufacturing jobs available at our facility for individuals interested in joining our team and looking to start or continue their career in manufacturing. Opportunities include:

  • Operation of machines.
  • Setting up machines.
  • Programming machines.
  • Maintenance of machines.
  • Manufacturing support positions for shipping products and preparing materials for processing.

We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package, along with an exciting and challenging career with a variety of learning opportunities.