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Secondary Operations

Rapid Precision Manufacturing provides ancillary services and secondary operations to supply a complete quality product.

Receiving substandard or unfinished products is frustrating. At Rapid Precision Manufacturing, we employ the latest technology to wash and degrease parts, provide reaming and deburring services, utilize qualified secondary suppliers for plating and anodizing, and offer the completion of small assemblies. Our expert team provides these services to complement our core competencies in CNC turning, Swiss turning, CNC milling, horizontal milling, and multi-axis machining to deliver finished parts that meet or exceed your standards.

State of the Art Parts Cleaning and Degreasing

We understand the importance of providing components ready to “plug and play.” That’s why we have invested in the latest technology to keep parts free of debris, shavings, burrs, and excess coolant and grease during the machining process. Our IFP Vacuum Parts Cleaner offers efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning and decontamination of your part.

Secondary Operations

Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing involves placing parts, abrasive media, and compounding agents into a vibratory machine that turns and grinds them against each other, polishing them. Vibratory machines produce smooth sharp edges, grind down unwanted burrs, and give the end parts a clean, polished finish.

Secondary Deburring and Reaming Operations

With most parts, we employ processes to efficiently debur and ream parts during machining. We also remove burrs and provide finishing operations to ream inside cylindrical surfaces to exact customer dimensions. For more complex parts, we offer secondary deburring and reaming after machining.

A Wide Range of Finishing Options

We qualify and engage secondary suppliers to offer additional finishing options such as painting, chroming, black oxide, plating, and anodizing. We closely monitor outside suppliers through our ISO procedures, based on strict quality and delivery metrics. Our expert term coordinates the logistics of these operations to provide a complete product.

Light Assembly of Complex Designs

We don’t just stop at machining; our expert team can also assemble small designs from the pieces we create for our partners. For some of our products, we offer secondary operations that may include pressing, slotting, fitting, screwing, or bolting multiple components to create the products to your exact standards and design requirements.

Industry Applications

Our highly-trained team of machinists and product delivery specialists serves many different industries: 

  • Automotive
  • Hydraulic
  • Pumping Equipment
  • Industrial and OEM
  • Firearms
  • Agricultural
  • Motion Control
  • ATV’s/UTV’s

If you’re searching for an experienced manufacturing company that can provide a complete machined component/assembly, contact Rapid Precision Manufacturing today at (605) 448-2290.