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RPM expands Horizonal Machining Capacity

Rapid Precision Manufacturing has recently expanded capacity with the addition of a Haas EC-400 CNC Horizontal Machining Center. Made in the USA, this 4 Axis machine tool has X,Y,Z axis travel of 22”x25”x22”, includes a 12,000 RPM 30 HP CAT-40 taper spindle, and houses a 6-station pallet pool.

Designed for high-volume production and unattended operation, the EC-400 is fast, compact, rigid, and capable, featuring a large work envelope, faster rapids, full 4th-axis pallet indexing, and better chip management.

Rapid Precision Manufacturing is an industry leader in innovative investment and employment of the latest machine tool technology. This equipment allows us to offer enhanced capacity and services to meet customer needs for precision machined parts with multiple sides and angles, slots or holes, and requiring a clean surface finish.

Haas EC-400 CNC Machine